Sunday, 7 April 2019

Down on the Farm

Hundred River Farm 28.3.19

With so few opportunities to get out into the field we popped over to the farm for a couple of hours.  Unfortunately the weather forecast was inaccurate and instead of a part cloudy evening,  the sky was crystal clear and it felt colder that the 7°C on the thermometer.  We enjoyed the night time spectacle of a star-filled sky with a super-bright pass of the International Space Station. 

Moths were few and far between but all records for a site are important,  especially in the colder months when a lot of people don't record moths at all.  

Peter arrived at the farm early and set up. He also found and potted a few moths before I arrived. First up was an Agonopterix alstromeriana from one of the buildings

Agonopterix alstromeriana

We only did 2 rounds of trap-checking as the temperature was falling away quickly and by 8.30pm it was already down to 5 degrees celcius.  Here are some photos of the moths we caught that night at the farm:

Oak Beauty - One of 9 recorded

Oak Beauty

Clouded Drab

Twin-spotted Quaker

Hebrew Character

Hebrew Character

Diurnea fagella

Small Quaker

Small Quaker

Common Quaker

Small Quakers - Having a very good year
Brindled Pug

On the way back home we called by the Frostenden lay-by which often has a nice selection of moths to the lights there. The only new moth for the night was an Early Grey

Early Grey

The list....


Brindled Pug 1 
Small Quaker 20 
Diurnea fagella 3 
Agonopterix alstromeriana 1 
Oak Beauty 9 
Common Quaker 23 
Hebrew Character 2 
Clouded Drab 1 


Emmelina monodactyla 4 
Early Grey 1 
Large Yellow Underwing 1 larvae 
D. fagella 1 
Clouded Drab 1 
Hebrew Character 1

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